D²RS 90/90, THE new reference

D²RS 90/90, dynamic remote controlled system

THE reference : combining our expertise and innovation. Offering maximum Versatility and Optimal accessibility.


This fully digital system with its flat panel detector inside the bucky enable all fluoroscopy and radiography procedures, but also all examinations requiring direct exposures (patellofemoral, etc.) thanks to the Wi-Fi detector.

Chest X-ray
Dynamic Exam Upper GI
Direct exposure


Column angulation

The tube column offers a full angle sweep of +/- 40 °. With tabletop movements, it’s easier to do exams requiring oblique rays, even at the end of the table, without moving the patient.

Linear movements

The combination of the carriage of the column / detector assembly with the tabletop longitudinal and lateral movements and with the column angulation, offers complete x-ray coverage over the tabletop, whether vertical or horizontal position.



Increased access

The D2RS 9090 allows tilting of +/- 90 ° , has a variable height from 38 cm(15”) to 148 cm (58”). Accommodating tall users, and offering the lowest height on the market welcoming patients with reduced mobility.



Accessible to challenging or bariatric patients, the table has no movement restrictions up to 230 kg and can support up to 310 kg in horizontal position.


Rear access

The 120 cm longitudinal tabletop side access at the head side and 60 cm on the foot side (or vice versa) free up space for the operators and simplify patient transfer from stretcher to table.


Weight-bearing exams

Thanks to the motorized movement of the tabletop with the footrest, weight-bearing examinations are done without repositioning the patient (and the footrest), for greater comfort.


The touch control console offers an ergonomic interface combining modernity and aesthetics.
No pressure needed to activate, just the touch of your finger on the surface of the button, of the joystick or of the 10 ” adjustable touchscreen.

The main controls are available on the infrared remote control, such as auto positioning, table, tabletop and tube movements, for smooth adjustment of the table as close as possible to the patient.

After selecting a protocol, the Auto-Positioning is activated by the “MOVE” button, controlling many automations such as table movements, collimation, additional filtration, generator settings and image processing.

Status LEDs provide a design touch and system’s status: preparation for the exposure, X-ray exposure, moving table …
An elegant lightning that emphasizes its modern design.



2021 celebrates the 15th anniversary of our patented stitching technology.

To make full spine and long legs studies go for Stephanix’s patented acquisition.

– Acquisition on patient in standing or lying position, with automatic positioning of the system and pre-programmed adjustment of the radiological parameters for each of the images
– Optimized overlapping zones for efficient recognition of pixels used for automatic pasting.


Angiography module is available with many features such as roadmapping, automatic programming of injections, landmarking, pixel shift, etc.


3D volume reconstruction from a multi-slice acquisition. User can easily scroll through the slices for better diagnostic performance.

Radiation dose levels are comparable to conventional radiography.

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Revision date: July 2022