Med Diag: your medical imaging diagnostic software

The versatile diagnostic workstation for your radiology needs

Dedicated to radiology, Med Diag is an advanced and scalable solution for diagnostic and post-treatment worksations.


Configurable in single or multi-screen of 2, 3 or 5MP, MedDiag allows the visualization of all types of imaging.

A screen is dedicated to the visualization of the exam list, facilitating the management by the operator.


Compliant with the Dicom and HL7 standards, Med Diag offers various functionalities such as the automatic recovery (Auto-Fetching) of previous examinations.

Med Diag is also :

  • Display protocols;

  • Stitching module (option);

  • MPR module (option);

  • Printing module (option);

  • Numerous measurement tools and a wide range of dedicated tools for each modality displayed, such as pan, zoom, video inversion, and high-performance image processing.

An easily accessible toolbar gives access, for example, to gonometry measurements:

  • Indexing of pathological images facilitating saving and exporting images of interest. These images are made available for illustrative use, or to feed case studies.

  • Customized printing by advanced configuration.

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Revision date: July 2022