Omniscop DReam-S, the new reference in the operating room

Omniscop DReam-S, your compact All-in-One surgical C-arm

Compact, Versatile, Ergonomic: Omniscop DReam-S is the ideal solution in the operating room for fast positioning while maintaining image quality that meets your requirements for low dose. This versatile all-in-one surgical C-arm is optimized and adapted for a wide variety of procedures. Its large 27′ flat screen display on the C-arm offers a reduced footprint while maintaining optimal image viewing and control for the operator. Optional: an additional wireless screen on a mobile cart, but also wireless video transmission to screens installed at different places and/or different rooms.


Easy positioning: With balanced movements, the easy positioning of the C-arm makes it simple and fast to place around the patient and the operating table.

The compact design of the Omniscop DReam-S C-arm makes it easy to move from room to room.

Maximum visibility

360° access to images wherever you are, thanks to its large 27″ flat screen, high resolution 4K.

Quickly access post-processing features via its touch screen.


The large 12″ operator touch screen gives quick access to all protocols and acquisition parameters.
Images are displayed in real time allowing instant control from the acquisition console.


Omniscop DReam-S fits your needs by providing 2 sizes of aSi flat panel detectors: 21 x 21 cm and 30 x 30 cm, producing high resolution images up to 4 Mp.

Image quality: Image quality and dose management. High definition images, acquisition parameters allowing to see the finest details.


Removable grid for pediatric exams and specific procedures.

Dual centering laser (optional), on the tube side and on the detector side, for positioning without x-rays and regardless of the position of the c-arm.

Dose optimized and adapted according to your needs thanks to its 3 acquisition modes:

  • Low Dose Fluoroscopy
  • HQ Fluoroscopy (High Quality)
  • Snap Shot : Radiography

The software features allow the operator to manage the dose throughout the examination:

  • Customizable acquisition protocols and parameters according to the anatomical area.
  • Additional filtering.
  • Virtual collimation, digital zooms.
  • Frame rate from 1 to 30 images/s.


Interventional radiology

Examples: cementoplasty, infiltration, biliary drainage

Digestive surgery

Examples: cholecystectomy, gastric band

Orthopedic surgery /
Spinal surgery 

Examples: arthroplasty, osteosynthesis, arthrodesis


Cardiac surgery

Example: pacemaker placement

Vascular surgery /
Endovascular surgery

Examples: placement of central lines, arterial dilatation, stenting

Urological surgery

Examples: ureteroscopy, JJ catheterization

Versatility of applications from a single system


OPTIONS: solutions for more ergonomics and simplicity


Have an easy hardcopy in the patient file by including a dose report and key images.

Wi-Fi foot pedal

The freedom of wireless for more ergonomics and security.

The wireless and mobile solution for a second diagnostic display.
Find the same diagnostic quality, without cable and up to 10m distance.
Its 8h autonomy ensures you a working day without having to recharge its battery.

Advanced DSA (Digital Subtraction Angiography) functionalities

Subtraction, Road Mapping, possible to link acquisition with an injector, measurement and calibration of stenosis.


Worklist, Store, Print, Query/retrieve, Media Export USB, Media Export CDROM recorder, MPPS, Storage Commitment, RDSR (structured dose report)

Secondary acquisition console

It can be fixed directly on the operating table to increase the comfort of work and a better accessibility of the controls close to the patient.

Active Cooling

Need a high patient throughput, longer procedures without heat load limits, more efficient cooling?
Choose the “Active Cooling” option.

Wi-Fi Video Transmission

Easily transfer the video stream from the diagnostic screen wirelessly

NFC badge identification

Secure access and use of your c-arm.


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Revision date: July 2022