Xtreme Premium, full automatic, full digital

Xtreme Premium, fully automated versatile and emergency x-ray room

Ceiling mounting X-ray system, height-adjustable patient positioning table with 4-Way floating table and a tilting bucky wall stand.
Xtreme Premium is the new multipurpose radiology room with Auto-positioning and digital detector technology. Each customizable anatomical protocol controls the auto-positioning of the stand, collimation, filters, acquisition parameters and post-processing.
Thanks to the different configuration of digital detectors as well as wireless ones all examination procedures can be performed routinely and efficiently.

Fluidity, ease of movement and technology are some of the key features of this new radiography system. Let’s focus on your patients well being.

Chest X-ray image

Direct exposure


Your Xtreme Premium room features anatomical presets, with an almost infinite number of customizable procedures, from generator techniques to various table and wall bucky positions to diaphragm control.

With the synchronization mode, the ceiling suspension follows the movements of Bucky (table, vertical Potter) … and vice versa..

Thanks to automatic mode, simply choose your protocol and press the autopositioning control button; the suspenssion goes automatically to the position (tube, Bucky), the diaphragm format and the additional filters are selected according to the procedure (pediatrics …).

All movements can be disengaged, one by one or simultaneously, in order to fine adjust centering the area to be explored. You can also correct all the generator parameters according to the patient’s body size for example…


The servo-control motors guarantee smooth and fast movements.

The volumetric anti-collision system (option) protects against impact with any obstacle within 20 cm of the suspension.

Move the suspension easily: the “zero effort” technology build with sensitive sensors inside the handle allow you to guide the suspension to its preset position with ease.


A quick overview of the key feaures of the Xtreme Premium room:

touch screen, remote control, variable height, large travels.

Power at your fingertips: from the 12″ touch screen, manage procedure, from acquisition parameters to positioning adjustments.

The main command keys are also available on the infrared remote to control the ceiling suspension.

Easier access to the table:
floating table height adjustable from 50 to 90 cm will benefits elderly people,or with reduced mobility as well as stretcher transfer.

Thanks to the large suspension travels, the large covered space allows you to consider the most optimal configuration to manage your patient or polytraumatized patients improving your throughput.


Xtreme Premium, your full digital general radiology room, offers valuable features: record patient data, select anatomical protocols and acquisition parameters, view the image in seconds after exposure. Post-process image if necessary before sending it to the network with an ergonomic acquisition console with a touchscreen interface (option).

Generator parameters, stand positions, collimator format, additional filtration and post-treatments are set in each protocol according to the needs of your department.

Scatter Correction

The optional Scatter Correction software (usually called Virtual Grid) is an AI image algorithmic processing that improves contrast by subtracting scatter noise. It is automatically performed by software and can be applied to all anatomical regions (as set by the user).

Without correction

With correction

This feature eliminates the need to use an anti-scatter  optimizing ergonomics (no grid manipulation) reducing the dose delivered to the patient for procedures with the flat panel inserted in the Bucky (table or vertical Potter) as well as for live and pediatric incidences.

It also reduces the risk of missed exposures due to misalignment and/or artifacts of the grid.


The stitching function(option) allows to carry out the examinations of the large axes, on a standing or lying patient.
The system automatically positions itself and the acquisition parameters are programmed for each image. The overlapping areas are optimized for efficient recognition of the pixels used for automatic registration.


For dose management, follow the information given by the Dose Area Product (DAP) indicated on each image or with the DICOM MPPS or RDSR functions (DSP and acquisition parameters present in the Dose SR), use the protocols dedicated for pediatrics, collimation & automatic filters programmed in each anatomical protocol.

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Revision date: July 2022